Professional shampoo for colored hair

Colored hair needs special protection and a professional approach. We will tell you how salon shampoos differ from household shampoos,how to choose care based on the type of hair, and what brands should be paid attention to.

Professional shampoo for colored hair - what does it mean?

Professional care differs from usual care in that it is aimed at solving a specific problem, in this case, hair protection and restoration. Unlike household ones, professional shampoos are rich in vitamins,antioxidants and beneficial components. The scope of professional tools is beauty salons. Special shampoos are used by stylists and hairdressers for maximum effect after hair coloring or in between - as a care.

The composition of professional shampoos for colored hair

Professional shampoos contain more plant components, herbal and fruit extracts. An important component are UF filters that protect from the sun. Vitamins and antioxidants protect the hair from the negative effects of the environment. Often in pigmented hair shampoos, pigments are present that are designed to neutralize unwanted hair tones or enhance the brightness of the color.

What is different from ordinary shampoo?

Double purpose: the shampoo not only cleanses, but also protects the color and health of the hair.

Composition: it is more saturated and intense, unlike household shampoos. They also have a lower content of aggressive components,sulfates, parabens and silicones.

Price: the cost of professional shampoo is slightly higher than usual. This is due to the quality of the components in the composition.

Frequency of use: shampoos with pigments are sometimes used once or twice a week to maintain color, some are used regularly.

Types of professional shampoos for the protection and restoration of colored hair

What are the shampoos for salon and home care, what are their distinguishing features and effects, read on.

For blond and blond hair

Shampoos for light colored hair are shine and pigmented. The latter are designed to maintain an unnatural cold tone, which is easily washed out over time, as well as remove yellowness . For bleached hair, it is also important to consider the restorative components in shampoos. Extracts of chamomile, citrus, honey and nettle are usually responsible for the health and shine of fair hair.

For dark hair

For dark hair, it is important to maintain the saturation of the shade and shine. Professional shampoos for colored hair can do this. The composition must necessarily contain antioxidants and ultraviolet filters (dark shades quickly fade). Perfectly complement the composition and oils, such as cocoa, as well as plant extracts of trees and herbs.

For bright hair

For color brightness, professional cosmetics without aggressive components are aimed at protecting and preserving the shade. A good pigmented support is a good choice: for example, shampoo for red hair or neutralizing yellowness. Visit this link to gain more ideas: best shampoo for bleached hair

Sulfate-free shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoos are an ideal choice for colored hair,as they do not injure the structure and do not penetrate deeply, raising the scales. The hair does not accumulate sulfates inside, retains pigment longer,and the composition is less likely to cause allergies and irritation. Make sure that the following symbols are not shown on the shampoo label: SLS (sodiumlauryl sulfate) and ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate).